Visual Identity


STEM Education Facility at VCU

25 x 5 inches

Trifold brochure for the new STEM building for the College of Humanities at Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy.

Press release linked here

Visual Identity/Publishing


Analog Photography Magazine

8 x 10 inches, 120 pages

Analog Photography is a magazine full of collaborative photo essays and images created by ten different artists.

Essays include artists introduction to analog forms of photography, interviews, and large bodies of work surrounding a particular topic or place of travel.

Individuals included:

Carlos Lopez, Jess Liebers, Annie Washa, Mia Navarro, Julia Straley, Brezaja Hutcherson, Ell Treese, Rollie Fisk, Samuel Richardson, and Victoria Lowery

Visual Identity


Designers Game of Life

Game Board 20”x20”
Game Cards 2.5”x3.5”

Collaboration with:

Tina Jalali
Emily Stephens
Stephen Halphen



How To Get Dressed

Duration 3:44

How To Get Dressed is a short narrative exploring a daily action in a stylized way. 

Interactive Website


Collect Collect Collect

Interactive website

Collect Collect Collect is an online playground of semester long research on the topic of collections and archives. I recognized that I am an avid collector of ephemera and other objects and wanted to dive deeper into why. In doing so, I decided that documenting my collections would allow me to see the connections I was learning in my research.

Collect Collect Collect will have a printed edition diving deeper into the history and analysis of collectors, hoarders, archivists. This image based publication will be available August 2020.